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A new shopping center will be built in Kuzminky

A multifunctional 53,600 sq.m. shopping center will appear in Kuzminki district. A land plot of 30 thous. sq. m is allocated for it. The investor is PIK Group company. Limak Marash company will act as the general contractor for construction of Kuzminki Mall. The construction is planned to be completed by the end of 2023.

The G-Drive Arena building was commissioned

The building of the new G-Drive Arena was commissioned last Thursday, September 1. Thus, the general contractor, the Turkish company Limakmaraschstroy, managed to complete the work as planned. According to the press service of the Avangard hockey club, all systems of the facility are now being tested and adjusted.

Artyukhov showed Deputy Prime Minister Novak the new international airport

«The builders are at the finish line — the interior of the building is being finished. This is the first concessionary transport infrastructure project in Russia. The airport will have everything for the convenience of passengers: teletraps, warm access to buses, comfortable waiting rooms, 12 check-in counters. Compared with the current airport terminal, the area will grow 4 times, the capacity will be 840 passengers per hour,» Artyukhov said.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Novak visited Novy Urengoy Airport under construction

On September 2, the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District Dmitry Artyukhov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak and Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC Novatek Leonid Mikhelson assessed the progress of work on the renovation of the aviation plant of the gas capital. The video of the editorial office of MK Yamal was provided by the press service of the head of Yamal. The construction of the facility is almost completed, now the interior is being finished. The renovated airport will have everything for the convenience of passengers and those waiting.

Construction of the Eastern exit from Ufa is completed by 53 percent - Head of the Ministry of Transport of Bashkiria

At the moment, the complete readiness of the Eastern exit from Ufa is 53 percent, the head of the Ministry of Transport of Bashkiria Alexander Bulushev said in his telegram channel. The general contractor Limakmarashavtodorogi LLC plans to complete the construction at the end of 2023 — a year earlier than the announced deadlines. According to the Minister, when implementing projects of this level, full interaction of all participants in the process, support and attention of federal authorities is very important.

Builders assemble metal structures on the site of a new gallery in Perm

Limak Marash Group told about the progress of work on the construction site of the new building of the Perm Art Gallery. The employees of the general contractor are actively erecting steel structures at the site. A total of 255 tons of the metal frame has already been installed. In addition, the foundation and walls have been waterproofed on an area of 4,624 square meters.

The groundwork for the new terminal has been poured at Voronezh airport

The Turkish Limak Marash Group has completed the installation of the formwork, reinforcement and concreting of the building foundations, floor slab foundation beams and vertical structures below the -0.150 mark, as well as the foundations of the telescopes.

Governor Degtyarev assured Mishustin that the Khabarovsk airport international terminal will be completed on time

The new international terminal of Khabarovsk airport will be commissioned on time - in the spring of 2023, the region's governor Mikhail Degtyarev said. «Mikhail Vladimirovich, has the airport been completed?» Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asked the regional head after his report on the situation with forest fires and floods at a meeting Monday in Yakutsk. «March 2023, in the active stage (construction -IF),» Degtyarev replied.

On the way to perfection: LMS sets an international standard for the quality of work in Russia

There are companies in the construction market that are able to implement the most complex and large-scale projects and are recognized leaders in their field of activity. Among them is the Limak Marash Group of companies (GC), whose specialists have erected many buildings and structures that have become an ornament of Russian cities. The holding's activities for the construction of infrastructure, industrial and transport and road facilities fully comply with the ambitious tasks and plans set for the domestic construction complex by the country's leadership. And the quality of the work performed by LMS is at the level of the best international standards.

Donstroy chose the general contractor for the fifth Ostrov

Donstroy chose Limak Marash international construction group as the general contractor of the fifth quarter of the Ostrov project in Mnevnikovskaya Floodplain. Limak Marash Group will develop working documentation and BIM models, do the construction and finishing work on a turnkey basis, including public areas, and also will improve the territory of the quarter. LMS specialists have already started working on the construction site.

Builders began assembling the frame of the future building of the Perm Art Gallery

On the territory of the sociocultural space Zavod Shpagin builders began assembling the frame of the future building of the Perm State Art Gallery. 235 tons of metal constructions have already been used. The Limak Marash Group of Companies, which is the general contractor, told us about the progress of the project.

The new G-Drive Arena ice arena in Omsk will be commissioned on September 1

There's a lot of work going on inside. It's like the last minutes of a match. They are tense, but victory is close. The locker rooms are almost ready. The arena itself is being assembled. Igor Legkonets, chief engineer of the contracting company: «The construction is in its final stage. Chairs are being mounted. Assembly of the panels. Glass fencing and sports lighting.

Limak Marash announced plans to continue building a new airport in Voronezh

The general contractor for the construction of the new Voronezh airport terminal (part of the Novaport holding), the Turkish construction group Limak Marash, stated that work on the construction site «is being carried out in accordance with the approved schedule with the customer». There are currently no problems with the supply of materials and equipment for the construction of the new terminal.

Mikhail Petrov, the chief engineer of Limak Marash on Voronezh construction site gave information that «about 70 specialists of the general contractor are involved in the project, including engineering and technical personnel»: «Heavy construction equipment of five units is used - loaders, truck cranes and an excavator.

The extended runway at Voronezh airport is planned to be finished by winter. To meet the deadline, specialists are working even in the rain

The extended runway at Voronezh Airport will be ready by the beginning of winter, the organization said on Friday, July 29. Two and a half kilometers will allow to accept heavier planes. And next summer the new building of the airport will be ready also. Under the project, it will be 3-storeyed with a basement. Erecting it started in December 2021. Now workers warm up the base and make waterproofing, mount the support for future walls, and also set plates under entrance group. To meet the deadline, they are working even in the rain.

Completed on time: Alexander Burkov reported on the construction of the G-Drive Arena

According to the regional government, today, on July 27th, the Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov and the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov visited the main sport construction site of the region. The mounting of the stands fencing and spectator seats continues in the bowl. Sports technology of the ice arena is already installed: the refrigeration equipment for ice-preparation is launched and ice hockey boards are installed. The adjacent territory is also being beautified: paving tiles and lighting are being installed. The work is promised to be completed on time.

The construction of the G-Drive Arena is almost completed in Omsk

The facility is 84% ready. According to the press service of the Avangard HC, now the new ice arena is being decorated. The fences are being installed in the bowl, the acoustic panels are mounted, the metal frame for displays on the perimeter of the stands is installed.

The issue of resumption of international flights from Khabarovsk may be resolved by winter

Meanwhile, in Khabarovsk the construction of a new international airline terminal with a capacity of up to 1 million passengers per year is continuing. Its area will be 20,5 thousand square meters, the launch is planned for spring 2023. The general designer of the object is DC Consultants LLC, the general contractor of the construction is LimakMarashStroy LLC.

Dmitry Chernyshenko inspected the construction of a new art gallery building in Perm

Today, on June 25, Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the organizing committee for preparation and holding of the 300th Anniversary of Perm, paid a working visit to the Perm Region. Together with the Governor of the Kama region, Dmitry Makhonin, he visited the construction site of the new building for the Perm Art Gallery. This is one of the priority projects of the Perm-300 Program, which is being built on the territory of the Shpagin Factory sociocultural space.