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Construction without obligation – is it good or evil for the industry?

Sergey Podolsky said that bureaucratic procedures will also be simplified in the field of urban planning, and the timing of objects can be optimized with the introduction of new amendments. «Reducing the time spent on paper work, which will follow the abolition of mandatory regulations, the industry will definitely notice», - said the representative of LMS.

Builders of the new gallery in Perm are preparing to develop the excavation pit

The LMS Group of Companies told about the progress of the construction work on the site of the new building of the Perm Art Gallery. The employees of the general contractor are getting ready to excavate the foundation pit. A dormitory for the workers is also being built.

Turkish contractor continues construction of Art Gallery in Perm

The Turkish contractor will continue the construction of the Art Gallery building in Perm, it is planned to be completed on time - in 2023, said Governor Dmitry Makhonin. The company LMS is implementing the construction project of the art gallery building. The authorities signed a contract with the contractor for 4.2 billion rubles in the spring of 2021.

The Eastern Exit from Ufa will be completed as scheduled – Radiy Khabirov

The construction of the Eastern Exit from Ufa continues on schedule, despite the rising prices for construction materials and the sanctions policy of the West. The facility will be commissioned by the end of 2023, as planned, said Head of Bashkortostan Rady Khabirov.

Builders prepare to excavate the foundation pit for the new building of the Perm gallery

The general contractor for the construction of the new building of the Perm Art Gallery, LMS LLC, is ready to begin the excavation.

Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov visited the construction site of the Arena Редактировать SEO

The head of the region noted that the progress of the construction of the sports complex is high and, despite the cancellation of the World Youth Ice Hockey Championship in Omsk, the Arena will be completed on time. There will also be a large-scale landscaping of the surrounding area.

Will the Arena be ready on time? The governor of the Omsk region assessed the progress of construction

The facility is 67% ready today. Alexander Burkov visited the premises of the main building and inspection pavilions. Now the installation of external and internal utility networks is being performed, the installation of interior partitions is being completed and finishing works are in progress.

The passenger terminal of Novy Urengoy Airport is 60% ready

Today, internal work is underway at the air harbor of the gas capital. The new terminal at Novy Urengoy Airport is 60 percent complete. It has already taken on that exclusive look: the slender chums are in a friendly circle. The heating circuit is almost completely closed. During severe frosts builders are working harder indoors, the work doesn't stop even for a minute.

The State Expert Examination approved the design of a new building of the Perm Art Gallery

The authorities plan to complete the new building in the third quarter of 2023. The construction of the art gallery is one of the priority projects for the 300th anniversary of Perm. The general contractor is LMS, LLC. The building will be built at Shpagin Plant, its total area will amount to 21.6 thousand square meters. 

The general contractor of iMALL Esplanada received a conclusion of compliance of the the first stage of facility with the requirements of the project documentation

The construction of the first phase of the iMAll Esplanada Center in Perm is completed. According to the results of the final inspection, a conclusion of compliance of the facility with the requirements of the project documentation was obtained (except the movie theater).

Novy Urengoy confirmed plans to commission a new airport building by the end of 2022. Yamal Media release on 07/02/22

The modernization of the airport in Novy Urengoy is continuing on schedule, the Novy Urengoy airport authorities said. The work is scheduled to be completed, as planned, in the fourth quarter of this year.

New boiler house launched at Novy Urengoy Airport

LMS Group of Companies is the general contractor for construction of the new boiler house at Novy Urengoy Airport, which also builds the new passenger terminal and the air terminal's emergency rescue station building. Work at all facilities is being carried out in parallel.

Installation of the framework of the International Air Terminal building is completed in Khabarovsk

Neither anomalous frost or quarantine restrictions prevented the construction of this strategic facility – the new Air Gates of the Khabarovsk Territory will open in the first half of 2023.

What happened in 2021 with large construction projects in Perm

The Russian-Turkish holding LMS was chosen as a general contractor for the construction of an art gallery at the Shpagin Plant in early 2021. By this time, the builders had dismantled unused utility facilities and completed the removal of communications from the site of the future museum. Archaeological excavations are underway, and upon completion, the contractor will begin pouring the foundation of the building.

MFC Esplanada will start working in January 2022

The technical opening of the iMALL Esplanade MFC will take place in the last decade of January 2022. This was reported by the Prospekt Group of Companies, which is the developer of the facility. Currently, the general contractor is completing inspections of engineering systems and security systems of the first stage of the MFC.

Demand for housing construction may fall in 2022

An expert of the LMS Group of Companies, Mustafa Ari, Head of the Tegnder Department, spoke about the trends in the construction sector in 2022.

The airport building in Novy Urengoy is half finished. Yamal Media release on 12/28/21

Yamal-Media visited a construction site in the gas capital and followed the construction process of a new terminal of Novy Urengoy airport. The builders have already erected the frame of the new airport terminal, are completing the installation of the outer panels and have begun to glaze with stained-glass windows.

Building history — be proud of the result!

The LMS Group of Companies builds world-class facilities. Infrastructure, industrial, transport and road construction are today the most important sectors of the Russian economy. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, the outgoing year was fruitful for the LMS Group of Companies: it was possible to promptly adapt all construction processes, without disrupting a single deadline for the delivery of facilities and fulfilling all obligations to customers. During the year, work was completed on the implementation of the new terminal complex of the international airport. A. A. Leonov in Kemerovo, the shopping and entertainment center Nebo in Moscow and the first stage of construction of the multifunctional center Esplanada in Perm.