International Airport

Project map - International Airport

Project Characteristics

Airport infrastructure

27 935 m 2
the area of the terminal of domestic air lines
1 200
people capacity
2 000 000
people - planned passenger traffic
30 000
tons of cargo

About the project

Limak Marash Group of Companies was The General Contractor for the construction of the «New terminal complex of Khabarovsk International Airport (Novy)», which is located 10 km northeast of the center of Khabarovsk, in the Railway District.

The facility is a complex of buildings and structures designed to perform technological processes of passenger service, cargo and mail processing, meeting the economic and household needs of the airport and accommodation of administrative personnel, personnel of state control bodies.

The project provided for the construction of a terminal for domestic air lines and the arrangement of a forecourt with entrances for cars and public transport, parking and pedestrian zones.

In total, about 800 people of engineering and technical personnel from the General Contractor's team were involved to implement the project.

The scope of work included the supply and installation of such technological equipment as: teletraps, baggage sorting and handling systems, inspection equipment (introscopes, Yantar systems, etc.), as well as passenger furniture, check-in counters and information and equipment of medical centers, mother and child rooms and other specialized premises.

The date of signing the contract is March 12, 2018.

The customer
Khabarovsk International Airport, JSC
The technical customer
DiBiSI Consultants, LLC
The general contractor
Limakmarashstroy, LLC
Completion of construction
October 31, 2019