Shopping center «Nebo»: Training of installers and tilers


About 30 builders of Limak Marash at the Shopping center «Nebo» facility continue to upgrade their skills in the required industrial specialties of installers and tilers. The training started in April: in three months, on the job, the workers will have mastered the theoretical basis, will have fixed the knowledge in practice and will have final certification in 12 directions.

The training is carried out by teachers of the construction institute of technologies and innovations «Stolitsa» in the directions: armorer, mason, painter, installer, tiler, plumber, surveyor-technician, spackler, plaster, electrician, electrician of the section, electric gas welder. The course will continue through 30 June.

In particular, as part of the training course in the specialty of «installer» employees have to acquire knowledge on practical application of safety. Since the installers on the construction site are engaged in a wide range of works, including high-altitude works: binding of fittings, installation of masonry, mounting of forests, facade work, interior finishing, etc. Classes are held in workplaces, to bring the theoretical basis as close as possible to the conditions and specificities of work.

- The continuous process of education and development of specialists allows the company to constantly improve its competitiveness, as well as the value and professional level of staff, - says LMS Human Resources Director Arina Semenenko.

Limak Marash has established itself as a reliable general contractor for the construction of major infrastructure in Russia. LMS is an internationally recognized team of professionals.

The company’s priorities remain unchanged - high quality of construction and accuracy in realization of the project.