LMS in faces: Doğa Çepiç


Today in our regular column LMS in faces we will introduce you to our Deputy Project Manager (Platov Airport in Rostov-on-Don, Stolitsa and Nebo Shopping and Entertainment Centers in Moscow) — Doğa Çepiç.

What do you do at Limak Marash, line of business, function, position.

In Limakmarashstroy company I work as a Deputy Project Manager. I carry out administrative work within the framework of project management, monitor the implementation of the construction work schedule, ensure compliance and optimization of budgets during the project implementation, and also take a direct part in organizing the commissioning of the facility.

How did your path in the construction industry begin?

After graduating from the Kirrykale University in Turkey, I came to Russia, as I wanted to develop the competence of a civil engineer, and started working at Marashstroy.

I have taken part in the implementation of many of the company's projects.

My first project was the construction of an industrial facility - RusVinyl, an enterprise for the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the Nizhny Novgorod region, in the city of Kstovo. This project became a starting point for my professional development.

In the Marashstroy company I managed to work on the implementation of the following projects: the SKY shopping center in Nizhny Novgorod (the current name of the shopping center is Nebo), a residential complex in Ulyanovsk and the MAXI Shopping Center in Arkhangelsk. After the merger of two companies — the Russian company Marashstroy and the Turkish construction giant Limak Group, — I took part in the construction of the Platov International Airport in Rostov-on-Don and the Stolitsa Shopping Center in Moscow.

For now I’m working directly on the site of the future Shopping and Entertainment Center NEBO in Moscow in the Solntsevo area.

What do you like most about the specifics of your work?

Each new project is a unique experience for me and the company for the growth. What I like most in my work is that I have the opportunity to observe how the future building is growing before my eyes: airports, residential complexes, shopping centers. These are incomparable feelings.

What problems did you encounter on the construction of facilities? Describe two situations and the specific solutions you made to solve these problems? (Case study question)

Each project is a unique microorganism in which everything is interconnected with each other. Some components of the object implementation may not correspond to each other, for example, for example reinforcement project of foundation is not matching with column reinforcement project and needed quick resolution, as an engineer our first priority is seeing 3-4 steps forward. Every problem that arises during my work is a constant study of the construction industry and the search for new technologies that are best suited for a specific object: whether it is the implementation of an airport or a production complex.

What are the prospects for your line of business and the company, in your opinion.

I gained all my experience in the field of engineering in the project’s implementation process — first in the Marashstroy company, and then in the Limak Marashch group of companies. With each new project in the construction of which the company participates, I have the opportunity to improve my professionalism and acquire new knowledge about the latest technologies in the construction industry.

The more complex the project is, the more opportunities have the company and its specialists for the growth.

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