How will digital transformation affect the future of work?


The World Economic Forum estimates that more than 1 billion people will need to be retrained by 2030, 62 million of whom work in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. These fields are most vulnerable to digital transformation and change for the good of the process.

In the construction industry, BIM managers and BIM coordinators will be in demand over the next few years in Russia.

We talked about future professions on the Russian labor market with Ivan Tuibov, an architect, head of the 3D-design group and BIM-technology expert of Limak Marash Group of Companies:

— The last five years have seen significant changes in the design and construction industries. Design is moving from 2D to 3D and even multi D format, which has a direct impact on the construction industry.

The format of information exchange has transformed from drawings to 3D models. New codes of practice for information modeling have been developed and approved. Because of the mass transition of design and general contracting companies to the technology of information modeling, new in-demand positions have appeared.

What is the job of a BIM manager and BIM coordinator today? What is the functionality?

— A BIM manager is a person responsible for the development of BIM technologies in a company. This is first and foremost a 'manager'. The organization of the working structure, the deployment of the shared data environment, the development of BIM strategy are the main areas of his activities.

A BIM coordinator is a direct design participant who ensures the completeness and consistency of information models of different disciplines and helps all participants work together.

Not so long ago there appeared the post of BIM-master who is responsible for the development of CAD libraries - those «cubes» of which the designer «puts together» the information model of the object.

Are these professions studied at universities or other educational institutions? How and where is it possible to improve qualifications?

— The universities teach engineers, but I have not yet heard about BIM training.
Many universities actively cooperate with CAD developers, so in the process of training future engineers get knowledge of modern CAD systems.

It is possible to improve qualification in BIM fields both on the basis of authorized training centers of vendors and on the basis of training centers of universities.

How important is the work of a BIM project manager and what are its benefits?

— The information modeling technology should ultimately lead to increased productivity and reduced design errors.

Without properly organized processes, the output will be neither. Therefore, the BIM manager's work on structuring these processes is very important.

What are the risks of those who do not use the potential of BIM in construction?

— They lose clients. And, as a consequence, money. Because they will not be able to compete on the market with other companies.

I am 100% sure that in the very near future information modeling technology in design and construction will become dominant.