The dynamics of the "Nebo" shopping center construction in December


In December, finishing work and floor screed continued in the basement of the building, workers are laying aerated concrete blocks and waterproofing under the screed. At elevations +0.000, +5.500, +11.100, aerated concrete blocks are also being laid.


The builders continue to work on waterproofing the roof, brickworking ventilation shafts and installing metal structures under the roof. 

Facade works are at the stage of installation of metal half-timbered frames. At the same time, improvement works are underway: weather conditions allow excavation and backfilling with sand.

All of these types of work are planned to be completed during the New Year holidays and to start screed floor at elevation. +0.000 and installation of porcelain stoneware in the technical rooms of the ground floor. 

Work at the facility will be suspended for only one day on January 1, after which it will continue as usual.

Currently, 167 people are involved in the construction of the “Nebo” shopping center. 

Let us remind you that the first stage of the "Nebo" shopping center construction was completed by our company Limak Marash, as a general contractor in August 2020. Within the framework of the contract, the installation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the building, metal structures for the roof and waterproofing of the underground part of the facility was made.

This stage of work includes the installation of facades with elements of stained glass glazing, the installation of all engineering systems of the building, roofing works, as well as improvement works.