Our advantages

Rich history and international experience

Limak Marash Group of Companies was created as a consortium of a Russian company MARASHSTROY  and a large-scale Turkish construction company Limak Group (67th place in the TOP 250 of the international rating of construction companies Engineering News Record 2019). Limak was founded in 1976. For 40 years, it has successfully implemented more than 160 projects in 15 countries of the world. The company "MARASHSTROY" was founded in 2004, having successfully implemented 60 projects on the Russian Federation territory.

Positive reputation

The company has a reputation for being a reliable contractor. Our customers are always satisfied with the quality all types of work on time.

Our partners and customers

Airports affiliated with the group of companies MC "Airports of Regions" and LLC "Novaport Holding", JSC "International Airport Khabarovsk", as well as companies affiliated with the structure of PJSC "Gazpromneft", LLC "Capital Management", LLC "O2", GK Prospect ", LLC" DC Consultants ", GC" Spectrum ".

Full cycle company

We carry out works and provide services under the EPC contract - ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, CONSTRUCTION.

Construction types

  • Infrastructure

  • Transport

  • Industrial

  • Road 

  • Housing development

  • Сommercial

Quality standard

Construction is carried out in accordance with the international quality management standard ISO 9001. The improvement of the company's activities through the use of modern tools occurs regularly and continuously.

BIM technologies

The company's specialists have the necessary skills of BIM technologies, which allow creating information modeling of buildings at all stages of construction - from design to commissioning of an object.

Modern construction technologies

During construction, we use high-quality building materials, modern large-scale construction machinery and equipment (our own fleet - 1050 units), as well as modern approaches to the construction of facilities.

Construction competencies

The company specializes in the construction of international airport complexes such as Platov in Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Khabarovsk, the new airport terminal n.a. Igor Kurchatov in Chelyabinsk, shopping centers such as "Stolitsa" in Moscow.

Completed projects area

Built area 1,000 000 m2

The area of ​​ these objects landscaping is 350,000 m2

Projects in progress

The area of ​​objects under implementation is 211,000 m2

The area of ​​ these objects landscaping is 202,000 m2

Construction of  Leonov International Airport in Kemerovo, International Air Terminal in Chelyabinsk, the large shopping malls “Nebo” in Moscow and “Esplanade” in Perm, the multifunctional sport complex “Arena” in Omsk.

Process transparency

Limak Marash uses a democratic management style - decisions are made on the basis of peer discussion, taking into account opinions and initiatives. This approach makes the work process open and helps to control the implementation of the assigned tasks. In relations with customers and contractors, the company is guided by the current legislation, ethical standards, honestly fulfilling its obligations.

Geography of offices

The company has its representative offices in 10 cities of Russia: Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Khabarovsk. The central office is located in Moscow.

Personnel and highly qualified personnel

Staff number of the company is 2,200 people.

Engineering and technical staff 220 people.

The company's employees are constantly developing, improving their knowledge and finding modern approaches to progress within their competencies.

Responsibility and guarantee of results

The company is focused on positive result and is responsible for all types of works performed. Before commissioning the facility, commissioning and testing of all systems and equipment are carried out.

Completion works on time

Thanks to competent planning, the services provided are carried out according to the predicated schedule.


The facilities put into operation receive high awards at the Russian and international level.