Today, it is difficult to imagine large cities of the planet without high-rise buildings, although only 100 years have passed since the construction of the world's first skyscraper. The development of high-rise construction in large cities of the world, including Moscow, is associated with an increase in economic growth rates, which has led to an increase in demand for new housing and office rental. Today, buildings are classified as high-rise buildings, the height of which exceeds 75 m or more than 16 floors.


Modern high-rise construction is not just a multi-storey building. For the construction of the skyscraper, state-of-the-art building technologies and materials are used. Each high-rise building is a unique object from all points of view: the complexity of architecture and structural elements, technology and organization of construction, conditions of subsequent operation, etc. The complexity of the construction of a skyscraper lies in the fact that these buildings are subject to special requirements for safe operation, as well as for the location of the facility in the city-wide development.

The greatest difficulties arise when obtaining a permit for the construction of a high-rise building in the central part of the city, where a large number of buildings and a network of underground communications are already located. When erecting skyscrapers, it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to use standard construction methods, therefore, unique solutions and new construction technologies are often developed.

The group of companies «Limakmarashstroy» has many years of experience in the construction of structures of any level of complexity. We have built many objects of urban infrastructure, transport, industry and housing, including high-rise buildings for various purposes. We carry out all types of design and construction work in an optimal price-quality ratio for our services.

The development of the building project is carried out using modern BIM technologies. Thanks to which, the collection and processing of data on the architectural and planning, structural, economic, technological, operational characteristics of the facility are combined in a single information space (virtual three-dimensional BIM model).


  • High-rise residential buildings or residential complexes intended for temporary or permanent residence of people;

  • High-rise hotel complexes designed to accommodate visitors;

  • High-rise administrative buildings where commercial or government organizations are located.

By designation, high-rise buildings can be multifunctional, specialized or universal.


Each high-rise building is a unique object of urban infrastructure, for the development of the project of which the best specialists of the industry are involved. And this is not without reason, because having spent colossal funds on construction, as a result, you can get a building that does not meet the requirements of safety, reliability, durability or the necessary comfort during subsequent operation.

When designing high-rise buildings, it is important to correctly calculate the parameters of all structures, choose the most suitable place for building, the type of building materials used, as well as ensure a set of measures for safe operation.

  • Choosing a building site. According to regulatory documents, high-rise buildings can only be built in new and modern areas. In places where low-rise buildings prevail (often in the central districts of the city), the construction of high-rise buildings is prohibited.

  • The choice of the structural system of the building depends on the total height of the building, architectural and planning solutions and construction conditions: seismic hazard of the building area, soil characteristics, atmospheric, especially wind loads, etc.

  • Fulfillment of the complex security requirements during the subsequent operation of the building provides for the provision of escape routes in crisis situations, fire-fighting and anti-terrorist measures, reliable control and management of all engineering equipment systems, duplication of a number of life support systems, etc.


The construction of high-rise residential buildings and office buildings in large cities has a number of important advantages:

  • A small area of ​​a building plot, which is very important when there is a lack of free space in large cities and the high cost of land;

  • An apartment or office in a high-rise building is really prestigious;

  • Low noise level and absence of smog on the upper floors of the building, which is very important in the realities of a large city;

  • Stunning city views from large panoramic windows.

The company «Limakmarashstroy» is engaged in the design and construction of high-rise, large-span buildings and structures in Moscow and other regions of Russia for residential and administrative purposes. Many years of experience in the construction industry, a staff of qualified specialists and a good material and technical base allow us to carry out the whole range of works on the construction of high-rise buildings, ensuring high quality and strict compliance with contractual obligations.