The share of sea and river transport accounts for over 60% of the world cargo turnover, which is associated with high profitability and the ability to transport all types of cargo. To carry out sea and river cargo transportation, an appropriate infrastructure is required, the main object of which is the port. The Russian Federation has access to 12 seas of three oceans, therefore 67 port facilities function on our territory, and this does not take into account river navigation.

The construction of a new modern sea or river port is a profitable investment in terms of economic growth and development of the entire adjacent region. The port is a technically complex structure, because construction work is being carried out not only on the coastal territory, but also in the adjacent water area. Carrying out a complex of works on the construction of port facilities will require large investments, and in order for the construction work to be carried out efficiently and on time, highly qualified specialists are needed.

The company «Limakmarashstroy» is engaged in the design and construction of technically complex structures: sea and river ports, airport terminals, providing its customers with the highest quality services in strict accordance with international and Russian standards.

To create a project, we use modern BIM technologies, which are based on object-oriented design. Based on the customer's requirements and the specified port parameters, we create an information model of the future structure. This technology allows you to choose the most optimal technical solutions from a variety of options, make all calculations with extreme accuracy, control all stages of design and construction in real time, and, as a result, get an object that is fully consistent with the project.


When starting port construction, it is important to proceed from the main purpose of the facility (military, fishing, commercial, industrial, mixed port), as well as the number and characteristics of the ships accepted. In the process of carrying out preparatory measures and construction itself, the following types of work are performed:

  • Creation of the required width and depth of the water area, taking into account the characteristics of the serviced vessels;

  • Construction of convenient access roads for rail and road transport, as well as expansion of the water area for the unhindered approach of ships;

  • Arrangement of the port territory, construction of a terminal;

  • Calculation of the optimal balance of cut and fill, etc.

It is also important that a complex technical structure in terms of geological parameters and operational conditions is associated with the planning of urban development, and it is also necessary to take into account the prospects for the further development of the port.


When creating a sea or river port project, they are guided by the requirements of the regulatory documents in force in the territory of the Russian Federation. The port is a single complex of facilities that must ensure the safety of reception, fast loading and unloading and comprehensive services for arriving ships. The project calculates the main parameters of the structure - the maximum length and width of the object, the depth and dimensions of the water area, the specified throughput, operating load, etc.

For this, an analysis of natural conditions, cargo turnover, selection of the optimal place for construction, calculation of the area and size of warehouses, the number of railway tracks is carried out, the layout, length and depth of water at the berths, dimensions of the approach channel, the choice of the scheme of port mechanization, etc.

Based on these calculations, the volume of construction work is determined for the construction of a port terminal with the necessary infrastructure, work on the construction of shore protection, protective and navigational structures, terminals for servicing passenger ships, etc.

Depending on the line of business and the type of cargo transported, the port can be equipped with loading complexes for the transportation of the following types of cargo:

  • containers;

  • rolling cargo;

  • liquid, bulk or dry bulk cargo, liquefied gas;

  • general cargo;

  • non-standard cargo (heavy, long, dangerous, etc.);

  • perishable goods, etc.


After the examination of the project of the port and obtaining a permit, the construction works are started. At the same time, builders and engineers are faced with difficult tasks - to carry out the necessary work on time, while minimizing the customer's financial costs. The use of high quality materials and modern construction technologies allows us to build objects that meet all the necessary requirements for reliability, safety and durability. The cost of building a port will depend on its size, type and purpose, as well as the degree of technical equipment.

The company «Limakmarashstroy» carries out engineering surveys, the development of design documentation, and also performs the whole range of works on the design, construction and reconstruction of river and sea ports. To solve all the assigned tasks, the company has modern equipment and technology, a staff of professional specialists, and also uses advanced technologies to perform the most complex operations, both on land and in water.