In the last decade, the tourism business in Russia has been seriously developing. This is facilitated by the holding of a large number of international competitions, the improvement of transport infrastructure and, as a result, the development of domestic tourism. All this affects the development of the hotel business and makes the construction of hotels a relevant and demanded direction.


Each project is individual, its complexity and design stages depend on a number of factors, such as number of storeys, number of rooms, number of auxiliary and administrative premises, territorial location, number of services and level of service. For example, the project of a hotel within the city and with houses located in the neighborhood will differ significantly from the project of a hotel located in a clean forest. At the same time, some hotels can be created on the basis of standard projects, which can be changed at the request of the customer.

After creating the project, the contractor needs to agree on the estimate and collect a number of permits. And only after these procedures comes the next stage - construction.


  1. Modular construction. Fast, easy and cheap way. To build such a building, you do not need to lay a strong foundation, and metal structures and sandwich panels can be used as materials. This method has a number of clear advantages: reduced construction time, high quality, not inferior to capital buildings, mobility and interchangeability of some elements.
  2. Wooden construction. Wood is an environmentally friendly and clean material with which you can build a good building in a short time. However, there are also downsides. Wood is susceptible to moisture, fungus and pests and is highly flammable.
  3. Construction from bricks and reinforced concrete blocks. The most reliable, but at the same time expensive type of construction. Yes, the construction of such a building will require large investments and will take a lot of time, but as a result, the customer will receive a building that is not afraid of the impact of the environment, time and other factors.


The hotel is put into operation after a large amount of work has been completed. First, it is necessary to construct a building frame, make interior decoration, carry out water supply, sewerage, utilities, ventilation and heating. And only then the building is put into operation. After that, the hotel owner can buy furniture, appliances, interior items, dishes and other attributes, hire staff, launch an advertising campaign and open a hotel.

The Limak Marash group of companies is engaged in the design and construction of buildings and structures of any complexity. We have a lot of different projects under our belt: Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel & Resort, Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel, Limak Arcadia Golf & Sport Resort and others. To find out the terms of cooperation, call the number indicated on the website, or write to us by mail.