Perm State Art Gallery building

Project map - Perm State Art Gallery building

Technical Data

21 639,14 m2
Total area of building
1.9 Hectare
Building spot area

Project information

The general contractor - the Group of companies Limak Marash - develops project-estimation documentation of the stage «Working documentation» and performs construction works on the site: «Building of the Perm State Art Gallery». The architectural complex, formed by historic buildings, will be united by a new building.

The newly erected part of the gallery, which is compositionally connected to existing hulls stylized volumes with rolling roofs characteristic of the historical construction of the Permian border, is designed in this way, to identify the characteristics of historic buildings.

Functional structure:

  • exhibition halls (galleries) with access to common atrium space;
  • administrative part;
  • bookstore;
  • entry teams with hallways;
  • cafe;
  • event area;
  • museum and restaurant loading area;
  • library;
  • audio-visual funds;
  • educational centre;
  • storage;
  • restoration;
  • masterful;
  • delivery room
Government agency «Perm Krai Capital Construction Office»
Генеральный подрядчик
ООО «Лимакмаращстрой»
Completion of construction
3 quarter of 2023
Perm State Art Gallery building - photo1
Perm State Art Gallery building - photo2
Perm State Art Gallery building - photo3
Perm State Art Gallery building - photo4