Question to LMS Specialist: Sergey Podolsky


In Russia, almost all construction requirements will be transferred to the category of voluntary. On the one hand, it will make life easier for market participants, on the other hand it may become a threat to the quality and safety of facilities.

The Sector Media specialized media edition requested an expert comment from Limak Marash Group's specialist on the current topic of urban planning. Sergey Podolsky, a project manager of the construction of the Perm State Art Gallery, spoke about the benefits associated with the changes in the building regulations.

— According to the statements of the Russian government, all requirements in construction will be transferred to the category of voluntary within the next month. Such measures are aimed at reducing the number of special technical conditions to be developed.

In this case, the responsibility of professionals involved in the development and preparation of project documentation, expert review bodies, as well as experts working on the organization of the construction of facilities will increase.

Also, bureaucratic procedures in the field of urban planning will be simplified, and the timing of the implementation of objects can be optimized with the introduction of new amendments. Reducing the time spent on «paper» work, which will follow the abolition of mandatory rules, the industry will notice for sure.The gradual cancellation of norms, codes of practice and SNiPs can cause concern about the quality of the objects being built. But none of the builders will violate the technology of construction. It should be said that this process is very transparent, and the reputational risks are too high, — said Sergey Podolsky.