Question to LMS Specialist: Natalya Strutsinskaya


Today, in the traditional Question to LMS Specialist section we discussed with Natalya Strutsinskaya, an Assistant General Director of Limak Marash Group of Companies, a list of day-to-day tasks, the tools used in the work, and the proper prioritization.

— What is part of your day-to-day tasks?

The list of tasks of an assistant to the CEO in each company is individual and the functionality is completely different. What virtually everyone has in common is working in a multitasking rhythm, perpetual rush and time pressure. 

One of my main tasks is to organize and provide document flow. All documents, sent for signing to the General Director, are thoroughly analyzed for compliance with the requirements of our company's regulations. The key points to pay attention to are pointed out before signing, then the documents are signed and sent to the sites.

It is also part of my job description to interact with the customers within our projects under construction, which includes close interaction with the legal department. In this regard, documentation, business correspondence and organizational activities are properly prepared.
Accordingly, I am always aware of all the key events that take place in the company, because they all go through me.

In addition to working with customers, there is also interaction with banks within the framework of existing contracts, which also includes preparing and sending documentation, conducting business correspondence and organizing necessary events.

—  What tools do you use to make your CEO's work effective?

There are many tools for effective work, but I would highlight the following:

  1. Scale Thinking.
    The ability to think strategically is archival in the work - this requires a clear understanding of how the company works. You need to know the nuances, how the processes are organized inside, you need to know the specifics of the organization, thoroughly understand its policy, values, mission and vector of development.
  2. Correct setting of priorities.
    Help manager to fence off distractions and focus only on the most urgent issues and the most productive activities. This will require the ability of sound time management and the ability to prioritize tasks.
    A clear vision of the organization's strategic goals is important. You can't prioritize tasks if you don't have a clear understanding of the overall goals and rules to follow.
  3. Modern technologies.
    Of course, the introduction of electronic document management (EDM) greatly facilitates the work with signing and approving of documents, saves working time and resources which can be used to solve other important problems.
    ​​​​​​​We have already implemented an EDI system in our company and received an enhanced qualified electronic signature to automate this process. The most difficult thing is to set up a mechanism for working in the system at all of our facilities located in different regions of the country, from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk. Nevertheless, it is a feasible task. The transition will not happen overnight, but time and current trends dictate our own rules.