Limak Marash takes new measures against COVID-19: employees are tested every week


As of October 27, 2020, 405,352 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and 1,547,774 cases in Russia were recorded in Moscow since March. Over the past day, 4,312 cases have been identified in the capital, and 16,550 people in the country.

As previously reported, 30% of employees of Limak Marash Moscow office, in accordance with the decree of the Mayor of Moscow, were transferred to remote operation. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, workers who remain in the field take a PCR test (swabs from the nose and oropharynx) and a blood sample from a vein for antibodies once a week. These events are also held in the company`s offices in regions.

Limak Marash takes new measures against COVID-19

Upon admission to work, employees are provided with a body temperature measurement. All facilities are equipped with sanitizers and personal protective equipment. The company`s management constantly monitors the epidemiological situation in the country. Limak Marash employs 1,500 employees across Russia.