Modern technologies in construction


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Today we will present a modern method used at Esplanada shopping center construction in Perm, and the unique technology called prestressing.

The prestressing process consists in technology when high-strength cables are laid in reinforced concrete floor beams, the beams are compressed to a certain load, while it turns out in reducing the reinforcement and the thickness of concrete floor, increasing the distance between the columns and, as a result, decreasing their number. Thanks to this, structures become more rigid and resistant to the formation of microcracks, and their endurance increases when working under the influence of repeated loads.

The modern method of adhesion to concrete enablesfurther cutting out any technological holes in the slab if necessary, and the slab will remain prestressed.

The construction of multifunctional shopping center "Esplanada" is unique for Perm, as it is located in the historical center of the city. The use of modern technologies will make it possible to place conference rooms for events up to 1000 people at its area, a five-star hotel under a global brand, a restaurant overlooking the city, the only multi-level underground parking in the city center for 1500 cars, and an international shopping gallery.