LMS employees have access to a second professional education


Limak Marash Group provides an additional training to employees involved in construction projects.

Now LMS employees can get an additional specialty to their qualifications. The program lasts for three months. At the end, they pass exams, according to the results of which a new profession is awarded with a certificate.

The training is conducted jointly with the instructors of the StroyProektInvestigations Professional Development Center LLC in six areas: tiler, plasterer, electrician, painter, carpenter and puttyman.

According to Alexander Levin, an instructor, employees master technologies of construction works under the strict guidance of professionals, as well as expand and deepen their professional knowledge.

About 500 employees of the general contractor undergo such training at Arena Omsk.

LMS has established itself as a reliable general contractor for the construction of large infrastructure facilities in Russia. It is a reputable team of professionals, recognized internationally.

We build the history, we are proud of the result!

LMS employees have access to a second professional education-photo-1