PR-department of LMS: annual achievements


We have collected significant achievements during the year of active work of the PR department of Limak Marash and would like to share with you.

  1. A PR-strategy for 2021 has been developed, which is implemented by our employees on a daily basis.
  2. A new website has been developed with a modern design, convenient usability and constant updating of information about our projects. The site is being SEO-optimized.
  3. The rebranding of the old logo was carried out and a new brand book of the company was developed. Presentation POS-materials and souvenirs were prepared for our customers.
  4. An SMM-strategy has been developed, which helps us to increase the recognition of our company and form a pool of loyal audience.
  5. Several animated videos about the work of the company have been produced, which are actively used in our social networks.
  6. The publication of materials about LMS in the media increased 5 times. There was also a special project with a sports blogger under the heading «Fitness Minute with Limak Marash».
PR-department of LMS: annual achievements-photo-1 PR-department of LMS: annual achievements-photo-2 PR-department of LMS: annual achievements-photo-3 PR-department of LMS: annual achievements-photo-4 PR-department of LMS: annual achievements-photo-5 PR-department of LMS: annual achievements-photo-6