«May Nebo»: The new shopping and entertainment center welcomes guests


On May 21 in Moscow the presentation of the new multifunctional shopping and entertainment center «Neboj» took place. The site is being built by Limak Marash Group of Companies, which has implemented dozens of complex modern projects on the territory of Russia and abroad.

The construction site is about to come to the finish line, in which the Customer of the project - managing company «Stolitsa Management» - has offered to verify personally the guests of the solemn event. Future tenants and visitors of shopping and entertainment center «Nebo» were able to assess the comfort and multifunctionality of the modern building during a presentation by representatives of the client of the project: Natalia Levitina, employee of MC «Capital of Management» and Vladimir Ivanov, managing partner of Group of companies «Spectrum», and guided tours of the building with the project manager Limak Marash Serkan Erarslan.

Let’s remind, the first stage of construction of shopping and entertainment center was completed in August 2020. The final stage of the work comprises the installation of facades with stained glass glazing elements, the installation of all engineering systems of the building, roofing works, as well as improvements.

A number of key finishing works have now been completed. Partitions of gas concrete blocks (97%) and bricks (98%) are practically ready. Two-thirds of the plasterboard walls in tenant zones have been completed (66%). The staircase is also almost finished (95%). On 93% the tightening is made, laying of tiles is also near completion (88%).

Electrical and mechanical work is almost half complete, and the roof insulation is two-thirds complete. Ventilation and central air-conditioning systems are almost ready.

Limak Marash specialists have completely installed the facade metal structures and sandwich panels. Stained glass glazing is 60% ready. Pavement work continues.

Let us remind, the frame of the building «Nebo» is erected on the building area of 13 370 m2. 31,000 m3 of reinforced concrete and 358 tons of metal structures are involved.

The area of the building is 50,533 m2. The deadline for the completion of the site is September, 2021.

Limak Marash group of companies, confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, satisfies its obligations to customers on time, who are satisfied with it, trust us again to implement their projects.