The scale of construction of the Eastern exit from Ufa


Currently, the construction of the Eastern exit to the Federal highway M-5 Ural in Ufa is underway. This object with a length of 14.9 km includes a tunnel, a high-speed highway, and a bridge across Ufimka, which turns into an overpass.

For the construction of the bridge at the facility, work is actively underway to create a waterproof barrier - each sheet pile is driven into the river soil by 10 meters. This is necessary in order to pump out all the water from the fenced off area for the further construction of monolithic structures.

As Aleksey Khavilov, Deputy Chief Engineer of LMA comments: «This island will be sufficiet to accommodate all bored piles. There are 36 of them with a diameter of 1200 mm.»

The concrete supports for the bridge will rise 25 meters above the water surface.

According to Mansaf Nizakayev, head of the RS Transport Directorate: «The bridge crossing is unique, since the inter-span structure is designed as navigable. Namely, the distance between the third and fourth pillars will be 126 meters, which will allow all ships to pass unimpeded.»

On the other side of the coast, construction began for the future flyover - 72 monolithic supports will hold it together with the bridge. The one closest to the water is not fully erected - it will be at least twice as high as the rest to prevent flooding of the road by floods.

The customer of the project is Bashkir Concession Company LLC.

Limakmarashavtodorogi LLC (LMA) is the general contractor.

The construction of the Eastern Exit is planned to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2023.

The Limak Marash group of companies, confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, fulfills its obligations to customers with quality and on time, who trust us again and again to implement their projects.