LMS in faces: Yusuf Aksoy


Today in our regular column LMS in faces we will introduce you to our head of the administrative and HR-department — Yusuf Aksoy.

What do you do at Limak Marash, line of business, function, position.

— I'm running the administration and HR-department. My job description include not cooperating with government agencies and solving emerging issues of this area, but also developing the company's HR brand to attract effective and motivated employees, organizing their further training, as well as analyzing labor market and monitoring the efficiency of work of all personnel and of individual specialists.

How did your path in the construction industry begin?

— My career path began in the Marashstroy company in 2007 as a HR-manager at the construction of a residential complex in Nizhny Novgorod. When Limak Marash Group of Companies was created as a consortium of a Russian company MARASHSTROY and a large-scale Turkish construction company Limak Group, I continued my career in LMS central office. My job involves frequent business trips to the regional offices of the company, where our projects are being built.

And for 14 years now I have continued to further enhance the objectives of the LMC by providing the company with the necessary personnel.

Tell us about your experience in previous projects.

— I have been working at LMS since the date of the company's foundation, so I was directly involved in each of the projects that have been implemented and are currently being implemented.


What is the uniqueness of the processes in your specific activity?

— The uniqueness of my job is that the final result of the entire project depends on each employee admitted to the company. Only common well-coordinated work of the entire team can yield results which the company will be proud of.


Share your successful cases. Do you implement your own developments, technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of your work?

— At the beginning of the implementation of the multifunctional sport complex Arena in Omsk, there was a need to employ a large number of personnel in the shortest possible time. The implementation of the project fell on the period of a pandemic of COVID-19, in this regard, we had a shortage of workers at the construction site. But as a result of intensive work and certain measures, including at the state level, in 2 months we managed to mobilize 500 personnel and launch the project on time.

My job is related to recruitment. The work of the entire company depends on the professionalism of the invited employees. Therefore, it is very important to provide each facility with highly qualified personnel. At the same time, employees must be motivated and understand what prospects they have in the organization.
We are in contact with each employee of our company, and in case of any questions, we try to promptly respond to this or that problem.

Today, at different stages of work with personnel, we use many unique developments and methods that allow us to increase the productivity and involvement of employees in the process of creating new objects.

Over the years, a team of professionals has been assembled, whose qualifications are constantly maintained at a high level.

Also, the company has created a personnel reserve, to mobilize at the peak of the construction of the facility for the timely implementation of the tasks and KPI.

What are the prospects for your line of business and the company, in your opinion.

At this moment the LMS company is actively developing. We are launching projects in new locations for our company — Novy Urengoy, Kaliningrad, Khabarovsk. It should be noted that the number of employees of the company is constantly changing, like a living organism. It happens due to the implementation of new projects and the opening of new construction sites. For less than a year the number of employees has doubled, that’s why we are always finding ways to push ourselves to be better. Now and here the total number of the company's employees is about 3 thousand people including 502 engineering and technical workers.

We create a high-quality, comfortable and beautiful space for people activities of daily living all over the country. We build demanded infrastructure and establish in them the potential that will be used by future generations of our people.