LMS in person: Ragim Mahmudov


This year, Limak Marash, like many major construction market players, has faced the consequences of the pandemic. As the LMS restructured its work in the pandemics, the results of the current half year, the challenges and plans for the future, we spoke to Limak Marash's general director Ragim Mahmudov.

- Tell us, please, about your priorities and the most important tasks that the company is facing today?

– I coordinate the activities of the company and am responsible for the implementation of several key policies - financial, organizational and personnel policy. I perform a wide range of duties: strategic and operational planning, control of financial and accounting records, communication with customers, contractors, board of directors. Among the priorities I would highlight the automation of business processes and the financial efficiency management of LMS.

- Where did you start in the construction industry? Where did you work before Limak Marash?

– In 2004, I graduated from the Middle East Technical University (Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences) in Ankara (Turkey) and started working in the company "Renaissance Construction". First I worked in the finance department of the central office, then the responsibilities started to expand, and I started going to the facilities. Eleven years later, in 2015, I joined Limak Marash, first as financial director, and then in January 2019 as general director.

- Tell us about your experience in previous Limak Marash projects?

– Perhaps I remember my first visit to the Krasnogorsk factory Oriflame in 2005. For two weeks, I handled, coordinated and supervised the financial activities of the facility, prepared the accounts. At the same time he worked with the site in Nizhny Novgorod - it was shopping center "Mega", which was then built by the company "Renaissance Construction". After that there was Yekaterinburg, then Novosibirsk. For some time I became interested in other activities - from construction I went to development. He was the manager of the mall. Two years later he returned to "Renaissance Construction". We built the largest trading and entertainment center in Moscow - "Avia Park". After that my activity in LMS began.

- How did the company respond to changes in the pandemic? What is the outcome of the current period?

– First, the company responded clearly to the challenges of safety of life and health of employees. In March 2020, employees of the Moscow office of Limak Marash, in accordance with the decrees of the President and Mayor of Moscow, were transferred to a remote mode of operation. In June, when the situation stabilized, 30 per cent of staff went to work in person. In order to prevent the spread of a new coronary virus infection, staff members who were on the job were given PCR tests (nose swab and throat) and blood was taken from the vein for antibodies. The company’s offices in the regions also carried out the necessary sanitary and epidemiological measures.

Second, during the pandemic, the market underwent a major transformation, and we began to proactively work with suppliers and contractors at the sites to meet our obligations to customers. For example, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that all technological equipment and materials are delivered and installed on time for the construction of Kemerovo International Airport. We have successfully met these challenges thanks to the smooth functioning of our supply and logistics services.

Third, we constantly worked on improving financial efficiency, maximally automating and intensifying business processes. 

- You work for the company for six years: how has the company developed over the years, what prospects do you see?

– Just look at the numbers, and you can see how the company has grown in recent years, how the collective has grown! In November 2015, the company employed 243 employees, as of the beginning of June 2021, our staff - 2200+ people.

Between 2018 and 2019, the company’s turnover increased more than threefold.

The number and geographical spread of projects has increased. Between 2017 and 2019, we built three of Russia’s largest regional air hubs: Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Khabarovsk. Over the period of 2020 and two quarters of 2021, we were actively moving east and north. Three facilities were handed over: two terminals at Chelyabinsk airport and a major international airport at Kemerovo. Started with a big project in Novy Urengoy. 

We have ambitious plans and new projects. The pandemic has not stopped us, but, on the contrary, we continue to develop. 

What could be changed and what should be done?

– The company is a living organism: today we work and develop in one way, tomorrow we analyze the situation and we can go in another direction. Naturally, as the volume increases we think about further optimization and automation of business processes. This applies to the workflow, reporting and management processes.

– How do you manage a big company?

– That sounds really loud. Successful development of a company is a team work: everyone controls something, everyone does a good part of the work - in the end, we see a very good result.

– What are the three success factors that help you in your work? 

– First of all, a factor of successful communication. And then the ability to take responsibility: you talk to someone, they trust you, and the team works. And of course, tracking trends is always important!

LMS in person: Ragim Mahmudov