LMS in faces: Pavel Dyomkin


The main resource of Limak Marash is people. That is why we decided to talk about specialists in company, about their role and achievements, about experience and professionalism.

Pavel Dyomkin, Director of the Project Management Department, opens our new section «LMS in faces»: «The main task in times of global restrictions and stagnation in the pace of construction market development of is not only to maintain a high level of quality of our works, but also to continue the dynamic development of company».

Pavel, tell us what you do at Limak Marash, your line of business and functionality?

- In the implementation of the Arena Omsk project in a pilot mode, our company performs the function of integrated management. We develop, coordinate, implement and control the implementation of the project regulations by all its participants. We also draw up a project implementation plan and organize reporting on the implementation of this plan. We carry out design management, control of financing and execution of construction and installation works. The construction of the Arena Omsk is carried out within the framework of a public-private partnership between Gazprom Neft, the government of the Russian Federation and the government of the Omsk region. Our group of companies was awarded the general contraction.

How did you start your career in the construction industry, where did you work before joining Limak Marash?

- By education I am an engineer of industrial and civil construction. My experience in the industry is more than 15 years. Before joining Limak Marash I worked in a general contractor company, then in an international project management company, and also gained significant experience in a large development holding.

LMS in faces: Pavel Dyomkin

Perhaps in previous jobs you had unique experience and successful cases - tell us about them.

- Work in a development company made it possible to track the full life cycle of the project - from the inception of the Project concept to the stage of its regular operation. I think it is very important for a manager to assess / analyze the generated initial parameters and set budget indicators for different life cycles of the Project (design, construction, operation). I also had an interesting experience in building the organizational structure of the Customer company for the renovation of one of the largest cities of the Russian Federation, which gave me the understanding of the interaction patterns of the functional areas of the Customer`s services and government autorities, as well as the requirements for the integrated development and development of urban areas. All this is now helping me a lot in my work on large-scale projects.

Who of your colleagues do you interact with while working?

- I have communication with heads of directions of the central office, here in Moscow, and the team at the site. A separate team of specialists has been formed as part of the project management function. It includes managers of construction, design, financial control for overall project coordination and interaction with the customer, designers, subcontractors and suppliers. We have formed a friendly and highly professional team of like-minded people who are passionate about their work.

Please, share successful cases at Limak Marash. What are you instilling to improve the quality and efficiency of work?

- As now I am working on the Omsk Arena, I will tell you about this project. Firstly it is a high level of BIM design, which allows you to optimize the main design and procurement processes, coordinate related sections of the project. It is also important that a system of complex electronic document management is being implemented, regular reporting is provided, constant accounting and control of the estimated cost of the object and the corresponding changes are carried out. All these aspects provide a constructive relationship between the participants in the process and enables adjusting our activities online.

How do you see the development of your direction in company, what are the prospects?

- Based on the results of the pilot project implementation at Arena Omsk, a decision will be considered on the possibility of introducing project management functionality in other large company projects. It will also become clear to us whether we can render this functionality into a separate business branch for the development of the company. Moreover, the current EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract for Limak Marash already looks like an EPCM, where M is Management. Therefore, the main task at times of global restrictions and stagnation in the pace of the construction market development is not only to maintain a high level of quality of our works, but also to continue the dynamic development of the company. Including as a competitive unit in the project management market.

LMS in faces: Pavel Dyomkin