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News - LMS in faces: Ismail Kisa

People of LMS: Ismail Kisa


Tell us what you do in LMS company, your area of activity, functions, position.

I am the head of LMS department for mechanical engineering systems, in particular, heating, ventilation, fire extinguishing, water supply, sewerage and outdoor networks.


How did your professional career begin? What is your education?

I graduated from Mustafa Kemal University in Hatay Province (Turkey) with a degree in mechanical engineering. Thanks to the recommendation of the supervising professor, I was invited to participate in the implementation of university infrastructure projects. At that time, three social facilities were successfully built – a hospital at the university, a swimming pool and a new student campus. I worked at the university for three years, then moved into the business sphere.

I have gained the most extensive work experience in the construction of healthcare facilities, in particular hospitals, as well as in the construction of the Olympic 100-meter swimming pool. These areas provide a huge amount of construction work related to the production and installation of mechanical engineering systems.

After moving to Adana, I worked for a large construction company as a project coordinator. The company built many hotels and hospitals in different cities in Turkey. I also gained international experience working on the construction of a hospital in Iraq.

Tell us about your experience in LMS projects.

In 2014, I moved to Russia and got a job at the Russian company Marashstroy. At that moment it was constructing the Liebherr repair and warehouse complex near Belovo, Kemerovo region, where I started working as a supervisor for mechanical work.

In 2015, after the creation of LMS Group of Companies by the Turkish construction juggernaut Limak Group and the Russian company Marashstroy, I started working on the construction of Platov Airport in Rostov-on-Don. For me, this was the first experience in the implementation of a large airport facility.

This facility definitely became a challenge for me as a professional: until 2014, due to the fact that I didn't speak the Russian language, it was difficult for me to communicate with contractors. Also, the work was complicated by some peculiarities of the mechanical systems production during the construction of the airport, which I did not know about at that time.

Why are the processes in your business unique?

If a company wins a tender, it begins to mobilize the construction site at the facility. There is an urgent necessity to find a construction project manager.

However, a specialist in engineering systems is not needed on the site at the very beginning. We organize our work through the central office, that is, we control all processes with the approval of the central office.

Our company employs professionals of their craft, so we design 90% of engineering systems at the facility with the help of our own engineers and technicians, and only 10% with the help of subcontractors.

How is the work between the projects organized, how is the control carried out? What about the technology of working with branches? Do you implement your own developments, technologies that allow you to improve the quality and efficiency of your work?

We build relationships with all departments in different ways. Our department always strives to increase the efficiency of work in general.

For example, we use a special computer program similar to electronic document management with the procurement department. The sites acquire construction materials, large machinery and equipment for engineering systems on their own. Then, with the use of a special program, a list with names and descriptions is sent to the central office for approval. I would like to note, and this is the first time in my practice in LMS, that when holding a tender for contractors, the management collectively discusses and chooses the best options for purchasing this or that equipment for facilities under construction, not just choosing the cheapest one, which is not uncommon in other companies.

As for construction and installation works, according to the company's regulations, we hold online meetings with on-site teams every week and talk about the progress of work, difficulties and features of installation, as well as all other issues important to us.

How do you see the development of your direction in the company? What are the prospects, in your opinion?

In order to develop my direction, it is necessary to eliminate understaffing in my direction. And it is not easy to find the best specialists in their field on the market. The search for employees is conducted on an ongoing basis together with the HR department. Also, the search for personnel is carried out through the so-called «word of mouth», that is, through acquaintances, partners, contractors, etc.

How do you see the development of LMS company?

Our company has gained a high pace in its work. We implement almost all types of construction – transport, road, residential, sports, commercial, etc. Due to the intensity of development, LMS Group of Companies can become one of the leading companies in the construction sector in Russia.