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News - LMS in the faces: Hasan Shahin

LMS in the faces: Hasan Shahin


We present to you the hero of our permanent column «LMS in the Faces» Hasan Shahin, Director of Contracting at LMS:
«The construction business requires a clear and strict regulation of all processes and directive management, however, we understand that the specificity in this area of ​​business lies in the emergence of various atypical situations and the need for their prompt resolution.»

- Hasan, tell us more about your line of business in the company.

At LMS, I am Contracting Director. My area of ​​responsibility includes legal due diligence of all regulatory documents of the company (general contracting agreements, subcontracting contracts, supply contracts), identification and selection of key subcontractors and key suppliers, management of financial flows under existing contracts, both general contracting and subcontracting, and also in terms of supplies, interaction with banks and insurance companies.

My key tasks are to keep the company in a safe and profitable position, to determine the strategy in its area, build long-term partnerships and ensure a solid reputation in the construction market.

My team is engaged in full legal support of general contract agreements concluded by our company. Therefore, we are the moderators of the contract signing process between our company and the customer. We work with such major customers as Gazpromneft, Airports of the Regions, Novaport and others, which requires our team to be highly professional both in the legal field and in the negotiation process.

In addition to direct work with documentation, we perform the function of control and approval of all payments under the concluded contracts.

LMS in the faces: Hasan Shahin- How did you start your career in the construction industry, where you worked before joining LMS?

My career in the professional field began in a world-renowned construction company GAMA Power Systems, with participation in projects in Russia and abroad for the construction of large energy facilities. At GAMA, I have gone from a technical engineer to a subcontracting coordinator. I believe that this experience allowed me to develop an understanding of the key principles of work: transparency and unification of business processes in all areas and at all stages of project implementation, discipline in project management, understanding and risk management, systematization of information, continuous professional growth and development.

The next place of my work was «Marashstroy», and a number of completed projects on the territory of the Russian Federation, where I held the positions of the head of the technical department, project manager. After the formation of a partnership with the Turkish holding Limak Group, he began to work in LMS LLC. The project for the construction of the Platov Airport in Rostov-on-Don was extremely interesting and useful, in which I performed all the same functions as now.

- What has changed for the better since your arrival at LMS?

I believe that despite the fact that the procedure for interaction between two legal entities is strictly regulated by contractual documents, one cannot underestimate the importance of a properly structured interaction. This is the negotiation style, the willingness to listen to the needs of our partners, and the professionalism of the team. The construction business requires clear and strict regulation of all processes and directive management, however, we understand that the specificity in this area of ​​business lies in the occurrence of various atypical situations and the need for their prompt resolution. I am convinced that success in this area can only be achieved through partnerships with our customers and contractors. My work and the work of my team are built according to this principle, we defend the interests of our company on the basis of partnership and mutual respect.

I believe that we are quite successful in this area, as we have developed really reliable partnerships with many customers, large banks, suppliers and contractors with whom we work in the implementation of our projects.

In situations of disagreements, conflicts, the need to bring our counterparties to justice, we always use the pre-trial procedure for resolving disputes, and this, of course, contributed to the formation of our company's reputation as a reliable partner.

- Who do you interact with during your work?

In my work, I interact with the management team of our company - both at the head office and on construction sites, due to the fact that the business processes of my field of activity are end-to-end and affect almost all other areas.

- How do you see the development of your direction in the company, what are the prospects?

The current pace of development of our company allows us to characterize it as a dynamically and confidently growing company with a vast geography of projects. Naturally, this imposes extremely high requirements on our team, since we coordinate key processes in many projects at the same time, while each project has its own specifics, which directly affects the legal documentation. In addition, the need for remote communication and the time difference between different construction sites cannot be underestimated. I can say with confidence that now I have formed a strong team of professionals, both in the central office and at the project sites, and we managed to properly organize our work in order to cope with all the functions assigned to us. With the further growth of the company, naturally there will be a need for an even more detailed study of business processes in our area, their greater unification, expansion of the team and clear regulation of the work of the entire division. I believe that it is possible to cope with this task qualitatively with the introduction of a modern ERP system, as well as an electronic document management system.

We understand that growing companies especially need to strictly adhere to the outlined strategic goals, while without losing the clarity of management and transparency of internal business processes, so I strive to systematically implement any changes, to communicate our values ​​both within the company and in working with our partners. , and I am sure that this strategy is most useful for proper growth and achievement of big goals.