LMS in person: Ertan Ertem


This week in the traditional interview «LMS in person» we spoke with one of the founders, the Board of Directors’ member of the Limak Marash Group, Ertan Ertem.

- First of all, tell about yourself: where did you study? Where did you start working? Your official title and job responsibilities?

- In 1990 I graduated from the State Architectural and Construction University in Ankara and got a job in my specialty - civil engineering - in the Turkish company «Ekintash», which built the metallurgical plant in the city of Iskenderun. It was the time when I received an important experience that has helped me on many cases in implementing projects of different complexity in major sites around the world.

Now I have 30 years of professional experience in the construction industry, I am a shareholder of the Limak Marash Group of Companies and supervise the direction of construction, that is all issues related to the main activity of LMS on construction objects.

- How was the idea of creating Limak Marash Group of Companies born? With whom did you start a company?

- In 2015 Marashstroy Company and Limak Turkish Holding decided to combine their capabilities, forces and prospects for fruitful work in Russia.

Marashstroy, which we founded in 2004 with my friend and esteemed colleague Selchuk Karaca, has implemented 37 projects by 2015.

The Turkish holding company Limak had a 45-year history and about 160 implemented projects in 15 countries, including extensive experience in airport construction.

Our business partners on the Limak Marash Board of Directors are Serdar Bacaksız and Sinan Atalay Gulseren. The merger took place, and large tasks did not wait for us: we won the tender for the construction of the airport «Platov» in Rostov-on-the-Don and realized the largest infrastructure object in the south of Russia. This project is rightly our achievement. The airport became the largest airfield in the country, winning one prestigious award after another, at the level of five stars.

Today LMS is an authoritative team of internationally recognized professionals. The material and technical base - modern technics, the park of construction equipment - allows us to implement projects with wide functional. We are a reliable general contractor of Russia.

- What is the main mission of the LMS? What are its values?

- Our mission - to create, to improve the world for the benefit of people, making their lives more comfortable; we carry out large-scale socially significant projects, constructing modern and convenient buildings.

- What do you consider to be the key events in the company’s activity? Tell please about the important projects that have been implemented.

- We built an international airport in Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, a month ago successfully completed a significant project in Kemerovo airport named after A.A. Leonov. The construction of the multifunctional sports complex «Omsk Arena», which continues, is especially important for us, since the ice arena will become not only the long-awaited house for athletes, but also the venue for holding the World Youth Hockey Championship. I come to the construction site all the time as a mentor, I accompany and supervise the project implementation process on a daily basis. I am proud to be able to help my colleagues, young engineers who are genuinely committed to their profession, to grow professionally from project to project.

- What are the three defining factors for a successful business?

- To work, to work and to work again! With the utmost honesty, dedication and full commitment to their cause. Yes, I think so.

- Is it true that during the crisis the company was able not only to stay afloat but also to develop?

- Despite some challenges, including a pandemic, changing economic conditions - the cost of metals, for example - we continue to build. Now there are a few large objects, and in six months, I think there will be more. That’s my prediction. The construction industry in Russia is developing actively.

- On what principle did you recruit a team?

- A team is loyal employees, and allies. We know these people in business and trust their professionalism, loyalty to their profession and willingness to constantly develop themself with the company.

- What are the company’s plans for the near future?

- LMS is always open to new projects. We would be interested in investing our energies and professionalism in the fields of health, roads, industry. In general, Limak Marash’s plans are unchanged - to build more by adhering to priorities: quality and precision in the implementation of each project. The result of this strategy is an impeccable reputation of the LMS General Contractor with customers who trust us time and time again to realize their infrastructure projects.

LMS in person: Ertan Ertem