People of LMS: Erdal Ural


Today, in our traditional People of LMS section we are introducing our project manager (RC Symbol in Moscow) Erdal Ural.

Tell us what you do in Limak Marash company, your area of activity, functions, position.

In Limakmarashstroy company, I work as a project manager of Symbol residential complex in Moscow. My work in the company consists in the implementation of projects under the concluded contract with a customer, in compliance with the schedule of production work and the approved budget. I actively participate in the process of developing working documentation in compliance with the terms of reference agreed with a customer.

How did your career in the construction industry begin?

I graduated from Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir (Turkey) in 2001 with a degree in Civil Engineering. After that, I worked as a production manager at a factory for the manufacture of prefabricated building structures. The main activity of such plants in Turkey is the production of monolithic frames of industrial facilities.

In 2006, I came to Russia to get a professional and career growth abroad. For 15 years I worked in different cities of the country: Kazan, Izhevsk, Surgut, Kogalym, Sochi, Moscow. As a project manager, I participated in the implementation of various objects, such as residential complexes, shopping and entertainment centers, sports and cultural and fitness complexes, etc. Since 2021, I have been working in Limak Marash Group of Companies.

Why are the processes of working on a project unique?

Any project is unique and has its own complexity: location, climatic conditions, logistics, etc. Given these things, you feel a great sense of pride when you commission the project. Being involved and observe how the implemented project brings benefits and joy to people is the greatest reward.

What developments or technologies that allow you to improve the quality and efficiency of your work do you implement?

We introduce certain new technologies at almost every facility. In Surgut, during the construction of the SEC CityMall, we developed a unique technology for installing rooftops using a helicopter. We managed to install 52 roof air conditioners consisting of 2 parts in just 8 hours. The manufacturing plant congratulated us on the successful creation and implementation of this technology, and subsequently began to introduce this method into the installation process itself.

What prospects does LMS have, in your opinion?

To date, LMS is the leader in the construction market of Russia. We successfully implement projects in various directions. We have a reputation as a reliable general contractor, as we perform work efficiently and on time, responding to all customer requests. Thanks to the first-class employees working in the company, as well as successfully implemented projects, the number of new partners and customers will only grow. My goal is to make a personal contribution to the development of the company, climbing the career ladder.