LMS in persons: Andrey Khinevich


Today in our section «LMS in persons» Andrey Khinevich - Head of the Power Supply System Design and Installation Team at Limak Marash: «As part of the tasks that the Limak Marash team faces, there is a constant improvement in the ways of development in communication and automation of production processes.»

LMS in persons: Andrey Khinevich

Andrey, tell us what you do in Limak Marash company, your direction of activity, functions, position. At Limak Marash, I work as the head of the Power Supply system design and installation team. My area of responsibility includes the development of project documentation for multimedia systems, as well as power supply systems from low-voltage switchgears of 0.4 kV to high-voltage power supply centers with a voltage class up to 220 kV. My functions include the implementation of technical solutions developed at the design stage, as well as participation in tender procedures for the performance of general contracting works on promising objects for the company.

How did you start your career in the construction industry? I graduated from Novocherkassk State Technical University in Novocherkassk. I received the specialty of electrical engineer in the direction of «Power supply of industrial enterprises and cities».

Having mastered the field of construction in the field of energy, I gained experience in the implementation of priority power facilities of Federal grid company of JSC «Russian grids FGC UES» one of which was the reconstruction of the substation 500/330/220/11010 kV Tikhoretskaya which is the largest supply centre in the South of Russia and connects the energy system of Rostov region, Krasnodar and Stavropol territories.

Where did you work before Limak Marash? Before Limak Marash, I worked for a long time in companies that provide a range of services for the design, construction and commissioning of electric power facilities with a voltage class from 0.4 kV to 330 kV, as well as automation and communication systems. One of the last places of work was an organization that deals with electric power facilities for the construction of Moscow Metro stations, as well as bridge construction in Moscow.

Tell please about your experience in previous projects. With the Limak Marash team, I participated in the successful implementation of the construction of the Platov airport complex in Rostov-on-Don, built from scratch in an open field.

Also had experience of implementing such objects as construction of the Azov grain terminal «Louis Dreyfus» in the city of Azov the volume of grain storage of 50,000 tons, the construction of facilities to provide electricity to the Olympic games in Sochi, namely the construction of the substation 110 kV «Laura» at Krasnaya Polyana, the implementation of 1-St and 2-nd stage of construction of the SS 220 kV «Poselkovaya», which was a pilot project for the installation of Russia's first complete gas-insulated switchgear 110 kV switchgear manufacturing concern of Korean «HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES».

What is the uniqueness of the processes specifically in your work? The main and almost the most fundamental task is a well-coordinated work as part of a professional and multi-faceted team of Limak Marash, which allows you to implement technically complex objects and perform, at first glance, very complex tasks, as a result of which the impossible becomes possible.

How do you see the development of your direction and the prospects of the company as a whole? Development of my direction depends entirely on the dynamic development of the company. As a result, every time we face ambitious tasks, we are ready to fulfill them both professionally and technically.