LMS regularly improves the qualifications of its employees


The HR Department of Limak Marash Group is interested in the professional development of its employees engaged in the implementation of projects. Being qualified specialists, they are given the opportunity to study narrow-profile specialties and acquire new competencies.

For high-quality planning and organization of additional education, it is necessary to:

  • Monitor the stages of construction of the facility in advance.
  • Track compliance with the approved construction schedule.
  • Determine the list of necessary qualifications at a specific stage of construction of the facility.
  • Determine the terms of cooperation with the training center.
  • Prepare the material and technical base for the implementation of the employee training process.

For example, at the stage of transition from installation to finishing works, a team of spacklers is required at the facility under construction. The HR department organizes in advance training in theoretical programs with practical testing and correction of errors for builders employed on the site.

Students who have improved their qualifications in the spackler specialty, having studied in the classroom the basic methods of installing and fixing tiles when facing external and internal surfaces, know the types of materials and methods of preparing solutions for laying tiles, understand the rules for marking surfaces and laying friezes of any pattern, and so on.

Arina Semenenko, HR Director of LMS, notes the importance of organizing additional education for her employees: «The continuous learning process allows the company to improve its competitiveness, as well as the professional level of specialists in the construction sector.»

During the organization of training in Limak Marash GC, 827 specialists have improved their qualifications. From July 2022 to the present day, 500 more builders receive additional narrow-profile education at the Symbol residential complex in Moscow.

LMS regularly improves the qualifications of its employees-photo-1 LMS regularly improves the qualifications of its employees-photo-2