Limak Marash attentively monitors the COVID-19 situation


According to news agencies, recently the number of infected COVID-19 in the Russian Federation has increased. A total of 4.6 million coronavirus cases have been reported in Russia.

Strictly observing the rights of its employees to health and safe work, the Limak Marash Group of Companies pays close attention to the monitoring of the sanitary-epidemiological situation. The staff of the central office in Moscow and the team of projects at construction sites in the regions regularly pass the coronavirus tests.

Tests for COVID-19 in the company’s offices are carried out by the mobile team of the specialized laboratory: PCR (nose swab and rotoglyotka) and blood extraction from the vein for antibodies.

All necessary safety measures continue to be observed: body temperature measurements for access to work, use of personal protective equipment. All facilities have sanitizers.

Limak Marash Group is more than 2000 employees of the company in Russia.