Project implementation period of a new passenger terminal at Novy Urengoy Airport


November 2020

November 23, 2020 a general contract has been signed for the construction of a new passenger terminal at Novy Urengoy Airport.

The general contract agreement for the construction of a passenger terminal at Novy Urengoy Airport (managed by Airports of Regions Management Company) with related and engineering infrastructure facilities was signed today by Evgeny Chudnovsky, General Director of Airports of Regions Management Company, and Selchuk Karadzha, Managing Partner of Limak Marash. The Turkish consortium Limak Marash was recognized as the winner of the competition announced by the Airports of Regions Management Company.

December 2020

Official start of construction is 22 of December 2020.

The solemn ceremony of the start of large-scale construction works was attended by the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District Dmitry Artyukhov and the General Director of the Airports of Regions Management Company Evgeny Chudnovsky, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Limak Marash Group Selchuk Karadzha.

January 2021

Preparation of the construction site. The device of the pile field.

February 2021

Installation of the pile foundation of the terminal. On February 18, the first foundation was poured into three foundation grillages. We started planning the site and preparing the foundation pit of the building of the new emergency rescue station.

March 2021

Installation of foundation grillings.

April 2021

Work on the foundation of the terminal has been completed. Work has begun on backfilling, installation of foundation beams and reinforced concrete columns.

May 2021

In the process of completion, the installation of load-bearing reinforced concrete columns, the installation of the foundation for the towers of teletraps and a tunnel for buses. The sinking of 130 piles on the overpass for engineering networks has been completed. A total of 1,447 piles were loaded at the facility: 1,109 under the terminal, 208 under the emergency rescue station (ACC), 130 piles under the overpass.

June 2021

Work has been completed on the foundations of the teletrap tower and the tunnel for buses.

July 2021

In the active phase of work on laying communications to the terminal: heating networks, water supply and power supply lines. The installation of metal structures began at the site.

August 2021

The installation of metal structures is ready by 30%, 511 tons have been used. Work was carried out on the monolithic overlap of the terminal.

September 2021

The construction of a new boiler room at Novy Urengoy Airport is in the process of completion. The installation of metal structures, trusses and roof elements of the terminal continued. The installation of galleries and stairs has begun.

October 2021

The installation of metal structures has been completed. Over 1,500 tons of metal were used for the metal frame.

The installation of 750 tons of floor trusses has been completed, roof elements are being installed, galleries and stairs have been installed, sandwich panels have been installed on the facade. The installation of the floor slabs of the second and third (technological) floors has been completed.

November 2021

Installation of the terminal roof has been completed.

December 2021

Installation of sandwich panels. The glazing of the stained glass windows of the facade of the building and the arrangement of internal communications are in full swing.

January 2022

External and internal work is underway at the facility.

Installation and glazing of stained glass windows continues outside. Inside the terminal, builders are erecting walls and internal partitions, as well as engineering networks for heating, water supply and electrical supply at the facility.

The construction of a new ACC building has also continued. On the ground floor – plaster walls and partitions, on the second floor — starting putty surfaces. Installation of cable trays of internal electrical equipment and structured cable network is underway.

February 2022

Launch of a new boiler house. Finishing works are underway in the terminal in the active phase.

March 2022

The terminal's thermal circuit is closed. The facility is assembling, assembling and installing elevators, as well as escalators. The installation of sandwich panels, exterior stained glass windows and double-glazed windows, staircases and elevator shafts is being completed.

April 2022

The installation of 87 stained glass windows made of aluminum profile and the installation of 736 double-glazed windows has been completed. On the first and third floors, the installation of porcelain stoneware floors has begun. The installation of the water supply and heat supply system, the air ducts of the general exchange ventilation system, the smoke ventilation system and the laying of cables for the indoor lighting network is continuing.

May 2022

The facades of the building are being finished — guides are being installed for further fastening of the composite to the outer and inner sides of the «chums».
Finishing of the premises continues inside the terminal: the laying of large-format floor tiles and the arrangement of bathrooms in the common area has begun, the installation of plasterboard partitions is being completed. Metal structures have been installed to place letters in the name of the airport «NOVY URENGOY».

June 2022

Work on the installation of metal structures of the entrance groups has been completed. All seven sectional doors at the airport have been installed. The installation of the exterior facade subsystem structure is being completed.

July 2022

Outside, work has been completed on the roofing and installation of the subsystem of the exterior facade of the building, as well as the treatment of the main metal structures with a flame retardant. The builders of the LMS have started facing the facade with composite panels. Inside the terminal, work was carried out on painting the walls and laying large–format tiles.

August 2022

Finishing of walls and partitions is being prepared. Specialists have started to install a suspended ceiling.

September 2022

Installation of three telescopic ladders. Specialists installed all the stained glass windows. The device of the exterior facade of composite panels is half finished. Installation of suspended ceiling panels continues inside the terminal on two floors. Landscaping of the adjacent territory is in active work.

October 2022

Landscaping of the territory of the new terminal is being completed. The overall progress of work at the facility is 85%.

November 2022

The finishing of the terminal facade and lighting has been completed. The landscaping of the station square and the construction of the access road have been completed. The terminal has equipment for servicing passengers and their luggage: 4 escalators, 11 elevators, a baggage handling system (SOB) and 12 check-in counters.

December 2022

The letters of the name of the airport «NOVY URENGOY» are mounted. Commissioning-works. The terminal was tested twice. Defects and shortcomings have been eliminated. The launch of the new terminal.