July 1th, 2021 - New BIM Technology Regulations come into effect


The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation prepared changes to the rulebook Information modeling in construction. Rules of formation of information model of objects at different stages of a life cycle» (SR 333) and «Information modeling in construction. Rules of description of components of the information model» (SR 328), which enter into force on 1st July.

The new version of SR 333 details the parameters of the information models and provides recommendations for the composition and attributes of the information model at each stage of the life cycle.

Ivan Tuybov, head of the 3D design group of GC Limak Marash:

- The regulatory framework for information modelling of buildings and structures is becoming more specific. The updated SR 328 and SR 333 give us clear recommendations for the composition and attributes of information model elements (IM). This brings some clarity to all participants in the process: designers, experts, builders and customers. Not found in the current version of SR 333 familiar with all levels of detail (LODOs), but they were replaced with levels of CIM development and requirements for geometric detail of the Capital building information model, covering all stages of the life cycle of the object. In my view, the updating of SR data is a further step towards a common standard in the field of information modelling in Russia.

The new SR 333 and SR 328 will make it possible to reduce the cost and speed of construction processes, improve the quality of construction, introduce information tools for construction supervision, To increase the reliability of the information systems-based construction cost management processes and the competitiveness of Russian construction companies on the world market.