In 2015 Limak and MARASHSTROY announced the entry into the market of a new group - LIMAKMARASH The merger of two leaders in the construction industry into one company has made their advantages even stronger.


LIMAKMARASH has confirmed its status by implementing a number of complex, priority, breakthrough projects. The company has reached a high qualification, technological and technical level. The strong structure of the company, significant experience in the field of construction, high qualifications of workers allow us to perform work of any complexity with guaranteed quality.

In December 2017, LIMAKMARASHSTROY put into operation the international airport complex «Platov» in Rostov-on-Don. It became the first major international air harbor to be created from scratch in the Russian Federation since 1991. The airport's capacity is estimated at 1,800 people per hour. Since its inception, Platov has entered the top 10 largest regional airports in Russia.

Currently, the company LIMAKMARASHSTROY, as a general contractor, is engaged in the construction of international airports in Kemerovo, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Khabarovsk and Chelyabinsk, shopping centers in Perm, Moscow, a sports complex in Omsk, an airport MVL terminal in Chelyabinsk.

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LIMAKMARASH strictly follows the rules and regulations for the quality of construction work, technical norms and labor protection standards, applies the latest technological systems and uses construction materials with high performance in each segment and at every stage of work, from site preparation to the final procedure for handing over the object, Post-production control gives a guarantee of a result that exceeds the expectations of customers.

The company has all the necessary documentation, licenses and permits for activities, as well as highly professional personnel, technological and technical resources. Here they know how to work harmoniously and dynamically, ensuring the distribution of efforts in order to achieve a successful result.

LIMAKMARASHSTROY is a member of two self-regulatory organizations (self-regulatory organizations): a project one with the right to prepare design documentation and a construction one with the right to build, reconstruct, overhaul, demolish capital construction projects.

Today LIMAKMARASH can be proud of its earned status as a leading provider of construction services with a work organization concept that exceeds the expectations of customers. At the same time, our company is always open to meet new customers and participate in new projects, and every year it moves confidently towards this goal.



The company «LIMAKMARASHAVTODOROGI»(LLC «LMA») was established in 2017, successfully implementing the impressive experience of the Limak Group holding in the field of road construction in Russia.


The activities of LMA LLC include such large-scale types of work on the design, construction and maintenance of road networks as:

  • construction of highways and motorways;
  • construction of Railways and underground Railways;
  • construction of bridges and tunnels.


In addition, the Limak Marash Group's extensive experience in implementing strategic infrastructure projects in different countries includes the following opportunities:

  • construction of engineering communications for water supply and sanitation, gas supply;
  • construction of municipal facilities to provide electricity and telecommunications;
  • construction of intercity power transmission and communication lines;
  • construction of power plants and water structures.