Limak Marash group of companies has undergone a rebranding of corporate identity. Now the company logo is presented in the form of a tilted oval, which is associatively perceived as a symbol of moving. At the same time, the sign is laconic and moderately airy. The letters inside are also inclined and complemented with a stroke along the outline of the oval.

The signature Limak Marash lettering is built on the basis of an oblique and refined font, which has proven itself well as dense, harmonious and strict enough. Thanks to the chosen font, the new identity traces an inextricable link with Limak, which has global experience in the construction industry and a rich 40-year history.

New visualization conveys the key idea - integrity, reliability, flight, aspirations. The color palette of the corporate identity consists of blue and white.

A logo is a way of interacting with internal and external audiences, it lets to be remembered, to form a positive attitude towards the company in the eyes of the public.