About us


LIMAKMARASH is a joint ownership of two international leaders in construction sector - Limak Group and MARASHSTROY.

Established in 1976, Limak has successfully completed for the past 40 years more than 160 major construction projects of different scales and value on the territory of 15 countries of the world. According to the Engineering News Record Top 250 of International Contractors, Limak is recorded on the list of first ENR’s 100 in contracting revenue in 2017.

Limak Group today continues its activities in 7 business areas: Construction, Tourism, Cement, Infrastructure & Energy, Energy Contracting, Food & Beverage, Aviation.



Construction company MARASHSTROY was based in Russia.  Significant experiences have been gained at different construction sites in all over the Russian Federation in projects of various levels of difficulty such as: residential complexes, hotels, shopping and business centers, warehouses, logistic centers, factories and industrial plants.

37 projects with total construction area over 500 000 m2 has been successfully finished since 2004.

Today, MARASHSTROY became a well-known international contractor with its experienced in-house staff of over 3000 people, well-organized team-work, modern equipment range and machinery park.



In 2015 Limak and MARASHSTROY announced entry into a market of a new group – LIMAKMARASH. Business alliance of two construction leaders reinforced their competitive strengths.

Implementation of some complicated, top-priority, being rated as breakthrough projects confirmed LIMAKMARASH status. The company reached a high qualification, technological and engineering level. Solid company structure and experiences reflected in numerous international projects, considerable construction experience and high professional qualification of the staff let us perform quality-assured works of any degree of complexity.
LIMAKMARASHSTROY has already completed construction and handed over into operation the Rostov International Airport “Platov” on December, 2017. Created from scratch, the airport has become the first large-sized international air terminal in Russian Federation since 1991. The new airport has passenger capacity of 1 800 air travelers per hour. From the date of operation “Platov” is in the top of largest airports in Russia.
At the moment the international airport in Volgograd is under construction by LIMAKMARASHSTROY as the General Contractor of the project.
LIMAKMARASHAVTODOROGI was founded for construction of the unique capital construction object – “Eastern Exit” from Ufa in the Republic of Bashkortostan to the M5 “Ural” federal road. “Eastern Exit” is designed to be a transport corridor. Crossing through Ufa city, it will connect federal roads M5 and M7. The project includes construction of the tunnel, bridge, overhead road, highway and road junctions.
LIMAKMARASH strictly follows and acts in accordance with the rules and regulations of construction quality, technical norms and safety standards, use the latest technological systems and utilize only high-performance materials in each segment and every stage of works, starting from the site preparation until final acceptances. Post-production supervision provides a guarantee of the results that usually exceed customers’ expectations.

LIMAKMARASH has all required documentation, licenses and permissions for work performance along with highly professional staff, technological and operational resources. In LIMAKMARASH we work dynamically, as one team with working force distribution in order for the purpose of providing successful results. 

Today, LIMAKMARASH is proud of becoming a leading company in corporate services with principles that exceed customers' expectations. Our company is always willing to meet new clients and to undersign larger projects and is taking firm steps to next years for this purpose.